Send secrets, passwords, and files securely through Slack

We utilize our own hosted version of Firefox Send to encrypt messages & files of your choice through Slack. Just add our slack bot and use a simple slash command to start securing your messages.

Add to Slack

Using Secure Send

  1. Use the slash command /secure to secure messages or files.
  2. EX. /secure hunter2
  3. You can also set a download limit in the slash command by attaching
    -limit { number }
  4. EX. /secure hunter2 -limit 3
  5. Secure files by including /secure in the comment section when you upload a file.
  6. Manually secure a message or file by hovering over it and selecting More Actions. Click Secure to secure the message or file to the channel. Click Secure with Options if you want to set who you want to share the file to or set the download options.
  7. Currently the only download option is the download limit. This allows you to set how many people can download the file before it expires.